What are we?

A network of podcasts designed to make you think about the world around you. Not just in politics or news but in entertainment, religion and even expressing yourself.

Educational Podcasting?

All programming on the COYL Entertainment Network is designed to make you think. Whether it has to do with politics, religion or even what you watch on tv. All the programs are there to make you think. And thinking is good for you.


Did we mention that all programming on COYL is now, and always will be, free to watch or listen to? Because it is. How can you go wrong with FREE?

The FWOT Show

An irreverent and sarcastic look at the news, politics and the world in general. Includes fun at no extra cost. Find out what it means on the FWOT show page!

Cinema Savants

Todd Vandenberg and Rob Steele watch a lot of movies so you don't have to... then we tell you if they're worth seeing. That and some news on what's coming soon. NOW AVAILABLE in two shows. Sunday for news and Friday for reviews!

The Wytching Hour

Elle Shepard's ultra informative program on modern Paganism. Frequent informative guests.

Try it. You'll might just learn something.

The Seattle Seahawks Show

Lee Vowell and Kevin Daggett discuss all things relatable to the Seattle Seahawks from preseason to injuries to starters to their (hpoefully) inevitible Super Bowl win!